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Addie’s introduction to Chinese healing arts began in 1991 at a Qi Gong workshop with 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffrey C. Yuen from the Jade Purity School.  Qi Gong sparked her interest in the Chinese philosophy of medicine as applied to modern life.  In 2005, Addie started the Masters program in Acupuncture at the Swedish Institute in NYC, which was developed around the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen.  She became a licensed acupuncturist in New York in 2008.


Addie's post-graduate studies include Chinese medicinal herbs, Healing with Crystals and Stones, Essential Oils, Pulse Diagnosis and Tui Na/Chinese massage. [See Studies with Jeffrey Yuen]

Ladies Who Acupunct Beach Social, 2009

“I'm sooo grateful for your care!!! My back and my spirits are ten times better.  After working all day I would usually be sore and exhausted but I feel great!!!! I have more energy and better spirits and less pain and more gratefulness.” --MS
“I'm excited to explore my mysteries.  I felt so stuck for awhile and am so thankful to you for helping me to move forward!” --DF
“I have to say that the last herbal session that you did for me was outstanding and a great help.” --JP
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